Tuesday, April 30, 2019

Brave Heart

The Mystery within...

It’s April 30.  Soon there will be no more April 2019 left. I decided I was too tired to post anything for this month that has streaked by with tiresome tasks.  But then I remembered I scribbled some words that were in my head upon awakening one morning a couple of weeks ago.  I found them on my bedside stand.  I am glad I did for they are worth remembering and sharing.

Be very brave.

Walk in the courage of your own truth.
Seek knowing unconditional love of yourself and others
through the grace of acceptance and forgiveness.

Live from your heart.

Dance with courage in the truth of who you really are
seeking always to love unconditionally. 

Grow from what challenges you.

Tiresome tasks have challenged me this month.  But if I wasn’t too tired to write an April post, I might never have remembered and looked for the words I scribbled upon waking a couple of weeks ago.  

What if what challenges us grows us to love unconditionally?