Monday, July 21, 2014

Scanty Gratitude

The Mystery within...

I became aware of my scanty gratitude this past week.  It was humbling.  Losing sight of all I have to be grateful for tipped the scale toward heightening my frustration for all the distractions in this past week, namely dog sitting for my son’s three month old Boarder Collie/Shepherd puppy, Moxie, who is no where near house trained, along with my four month old Lab, Oliver, who, I think, has finally got it.  When they weren’t wrestling and play biting they were out in the yard digging holes in the mud and destroying my plants; or Moxie was in the house peeing.  I’d crate her for an hour or two but that just recharged both of their batteries and then they we at it again.  It was draining.

During a crate time out I went to the grocery store.  My feet ached and I was feeling sorry for myself.  In the parking lot I saw an elderly man bent over and pushing his walker with a few groceries in a small attached basket.  His legs were hugely swollen and bright red.  He’d walk ten feet and then had to stop and catch his breadth.  It didn’t look like he’d make another ten feet, but then he pushed on.  I felt a surge of gratitude for all the progress I’ve made with my knee therapy lately and for all I am capable of doing.  I was embarrassed for my pity party.  And then there was the news of the commercial airliner being shot down with the horrific loss of life and the tragic repercussions that follow.  It’s been quite awhile since such tragedy has visited me, and I was truly grateful.  And what about the living conditions in the Middle East and the men, women, and children losing their life in that conflict? 

What if every time we felt frustration, we’d counter balance that feeling with gratitude for our many blessings?

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