Monday, July 28, 2014

Synergy and Diversity

The Mystery within...
My granddaughter Hailey was a part of the Lutheran Outdoor Ministries Center (LOMC) for her second summer camp.  Like last year, I went along to pick her up at her group’s Swing Choir final performance in the tenth, and last city of their tour, this year in Rock Island, IL.  They put on another terrific show, regretted parting company with their choir mates, and started looking forward to returning next year.  As I watched their last performance at St. John’s Lutheran Church I was struck by the tremendous coordination and cooperation that goes into this worthwhile experience. I felt the synergy of the community that made it all possible.  Working together, so much more can be accomplished.  I glanced over and saw the pastor of St. John’s standing in the doorway wearing her clerical collar watching the youth perform.  It was a stunning reminder of why I left the church of my birth at age 60.  Afterwards, I spoke briefly with her.  There was so much I wanted to ask her but instead just inquired how long she has been a pastor and she said 14 years.  I imagined it wasn’t easy but admired her and the church that ordained her.

What if honoring diversity creates the synergy to do things better for everyone?

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