Thursday, December 3, 2020

Hope for America

The Mystery within ...
It felt good, hopeful, to watch and listen to President Elect Joe Biden's recent diverse cabinet member
picks speak of their vision for how each will work to help our next president govern. It made me wonder if the past four years of disorder in our country is meant to show us what it will take to create a system of liberty and justice for all and protect our Mother Earth.As a white American female, born in 1943, I have experienced sexism. But I also am realizing more and more each day that my skin color has afforded me privileges denied to so many others in basic respect, education, housing, and healthcare, all critical for the health of individuals and society. Realizing white privilege created these systems of inequity makes them a white problem to be remedied. The gift in that acceptance is humility.

The gift in humility is it allows me to put my ego aside, accept I am my most important piece of work, and opens my heart to loving all others and myself. It gives me the courage to admit that our country was founded with unspeakable violence toward its native inhabitants and built on the backs of slaves. No one person can remedy the enormity of America's problems but calls all of us to love one another and be part of the progress toward liberty and justice for all.

What if we each found the humility it will take to be a part of the remedy of America's problems?