How to Comment

Please feel free to share your comments. I learn much from your thoughts and experiences. In the Blog section at the end of each post is a Comment feature accessed by clicking on the image, which looks like this:
(NOTE: The images below are illustrations only. You do not need to click on them while reading through these instructions. Clicking on this page will only enlarge the images.)

Once you click on the image, you will be taken to the Comment Box.  In that Comment Box, to the right of "Comment as" is this drop down menu revealing profile options:

Where my name is displayed, your Google ID would now appear if you are signed in through a Google account.  It would be checked, as this is the default profile.  (If you do not blog using Live Journal, Word Press, or Type Pad, these options are not relevant to you.)  Most will choose to either use the default Google ID (if you are signed in from a Google account), or the Name/URL or Anonymous options.  If you want to be identified and are not using a Google account you can select the Name/URL option that will take you to this screen:

Here you can enter your name (or any portion thereof) in the Name box.  You can also provide either an email address or your website address in the URL box, or you can leave this area blank.  Clicking on "Continue" will return you to the Comment Box where you are now ready to enter your comments.  When complete, you can either "Preview" to see how the comment will appear, or "Publish" to upload your comment directly to my website.  In either case, the screen will have a box to check to the left of "I'm not a robot"—a necessary technical step.

Once published, your comment will appear below the post you are commenting on along with your chosen identity or anonymous Profile.

Thanks for sharing your insights with my readers and me.  Please contact me if you have questions about this process.  I look forward to your comments.