Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Learning Unconditional Love

The Mystery within

You know how good it feels when you begin to understand you are learning to do something right for yourself and others. What if we consciously built upon those insightful moments each day? In seeking to learn unconditional love, together we can find the stepping-stones on the long winding path toward loving unconditionally. It is a challenging path but the rewards along the way are immeasurable.


Teilhard de Chardin’s prayer, “Trust in the Slow Work of God”, became a critical grace for me as I struggled to know what was right as I wrestled with my aging parents’ care as told in my first memoir, God Never Hurries. My second memoir, Both/and Things—The Power in Reflection highlights the priest/paleontologist Chardin’s belief that we humans are on an evolutionary path toward loving unconditionally.      


Getting started on that evolutionary path was easy. All I had to do was accept I am my most important piece of work. The gift of that acceptance is humility. The real work lies in putting my ego aside each day and consciously living from my heart. By opening my heart to the world, I grow closer to the goal available to us all—unconditional love.


Disorder is so prevalent in our time. Reordering ourselves toward unconditional love is our primary work. I pray we each search our hearts and become aware of the next step to take toward loving unconditionally.


I invite you to share your insights on what stepping-stones you have discovered on the path toward unconditional love.