Monday, July 7, 2014


The Mystery within...
It’s hard for one who is accustomed to being the helper to ask for help.  I know this because I am coming to understand there are some things I can no longer do anymore.  Bending, kneeling, weeding, moving the stones
out of my rock garden, laying down a weed barrier, and putting the stones back is just one example.  That space looked so ratty with weeds totally obscuring the stones I gathered on healing walks with my late beach buddy Bear.  Restoring my rock garden felt to be an overwhelming task.

But then my daughter offered to help and I got the bright idea to phone and ask if my three grandchildren would to come and help her.  I could hear grumbling in the background when their father said they would come.  But I didn’t cave.  And they came.  I told them why those stones were important to me and their enthusiasm grew for the task.  Their math skills were employed in measuring and cutting the weed barrier, and they felt great pride in a hard job well done and looking great!  
Well done!

They moved all the stones, twice, that once helped me know there were limits to my helping and that I was worthy of good self-care as I struggled with my aging parents care needs.

I know I still have a lot more to learn about asking for help.

What if we could learn the right balance between being a helper and asking for help?

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