Monday, July 14, 2014

Grace and Nature

The Mystery within...

Last weekend my daughter and I watched the movie The Tree of Life.  It was an unusual movie with family members reliving flashbacks from their life surrounding memories of their recently deceased son and brother.  My daughter had seen the movie before and it was very helpful to have her explain to me that the mother represented grace and the father nature.  Knowing this, I became intent on the mother’s responses to life as it had unfolded around her, which was mostly one of quiet observer, definitely not reactionary.  She modeled, without words, grace.  So this past week I took the opportunity to practice more observation of the life going on around me.  As a conscious observer of others I became aware of times when it would have been so easy to get sucked in and react, but I felt little inclination to do so.  It was life giving.

What if we could all practice being more observant of the life going on around us and let Grace bridge the gap in our nature?        

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