Monday, August 12, 2013

Remembering Serenity

God is...

How important serenity is for successful living has been on my mind since my retreat last weekend.  I am coming to really understand how much I need some sanctuary time (rest, breadth and going within) everyday to keep my inner calm regardless of what is going on around me.  It seems key to good physical, mental and spiritual health.  And when I forget to take care of myself, it is important to simply return to being faithful without incrimination.

Each day I will use the rawhide, beads, and feathers I put together while on retreat.  I will hold my prayer feathers turning to the four directions asking,  “What do I need to let go of today?”  “What do I need to embrace?”  I will also ask for a measure of laughter in each day or a least some genuine smiles.  And the mandala I colored in dappled sunlight under an arbor will be framed so I can see the time I let myself take to be peaceful.

And when life gets really difficult I will remember Matthew Fox and his book Original Blessing and what I wrote in my memoir, God Never Hurries, … what I most needed to learn from Fox was to befriend both light and darkness—to let pain be pain and mystery be mystery, and trust good would come from it.

What if we each made our own daily serenity plan, and when we forget to follow it, simply return to being faithful.

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