Monday, May 19, 2014


God is...
Lawrence Kushner--Kabbalah and the Inner Life of God” was featured on Krista Tippitt’s National Public Radio Program this Sunday. Tippitt  and Kushner did a fascinating job discussing Kabbalah—the Jewish mystical tradition—describing the indescribable, the mystical experience.  Rabbi Kushner defined the mystical experience as a direct experience of the Divine--where a hidden unity is concealed in our troubles--and where human action has an influence on the inner life of God.  It is where we come to learn to redeem the holy in our personal struggle—where we come to know it is all good.  God is found in both the good and bad.  Kushner said mystical experiences surface when religion gets too “formal.”  He said mysticism creates a healthy anarchy for growth and development.  I loved it when he said it is as if God asks, “Hey kid, how would you like an experience of the Divine?”  And then you spend the rest of your life unpacking that experience.     

When life became nearly unbearable for me with my monumental, and seemingly never ending struggle, over my aging parent’s care needs, I felt God’s mystical touch.  My inner life was turned upside down when I experienced her saying, “Be not afraid.”  I began seeing people, places, things and all of Nature in a new light, including myself, which saved me.  I looked for answers in all encounters.  Gradually they came.  I left the church of my birth and have grown spiritually.  And I take comfort in the idea that my memoir is how God and my father worked out all the past abuse. I now understand “God Never Hurries” is just the beginning of my unpacking that Divine touch.

On the bar above my blog post was a Comfort Message I posted that a friend sent me after my best friend Ben died.  I am now expanding it to Comfort Messages and have included two God sent messages that comforted me during my troubles--one teaches Forgiveness and another Trust.  More will gradually be added.

What if we could all come to redeem the holy in our personal struggles?     


  1. To live deeply, profoundly is know the holy in all, in everything and everyone.
    To live this close to God is my prayer. Cathy

  2. I really like your expanded comfort messages, Marcia.