Monday, June 23, 2014

Different Worlds

The Mystery Within

I found myself getting stressed this past week over obtaining some quotes on needed home repairs, and also realizing I can’t keep putting off the dreaded car shopping to replace my almost 12 year old vehicle.  And I was feeling pressured for time because of a luncheon date I made with a friend a couple of weeks earlier.  It then occurred to me this friend has no home of her own, or car, or much of anything else.  The timing of our meeting was revelatory.  Then on a trip to the library to pick up Consumer Reports car buying issues I encounter three severely handicapped individuals truly enjoying their outing there.  Awareness of these individuals’ different worlds touched me and put my stress in perspective.  And I felt the world to be briefly absent of stress when my three and a half month old Yellow Lab Oliver and I took our walk in the woods not far from my home.  There a rust-colored deer crossed my path and then stood watching me for a few seconds not twenty feet away.

What if we all could be aware of empathy, compassion and gratitude to relieve our stress? 

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