Monday, July 6, 2015

The Power of Could

The Mystery within...
Words have real power.  I know this because I have been calmly talking to my resistant muscles in my surgical leg telling them, “You can bend.  Yes, you can.  You can bend.”  And ever so slowly those stubborn, long dormant, knotted muscles are beginning to respond to my words thereby making my exercises and therapy more productive.  I am now hopeful good health could be restored in that leg.  Could is the power word here.  It presumes I continue to talk positively to my muscles and do the work. 

The word could is very optimistic.  It invites challenge, thinking, and a plan.  Alternatives and opportunities come with could.  The negative opposite of could is should which I could eliminate from my vocabulary.  If I tell myself I should do this, that, or the other thing, it leaves me flat and uninspired.  And heaven forbid that I ever tell anyone else what he or she should do.  But “could” could get us both thinking.

What if we could help ourselves and one another be good by eliminating should and using could?

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