Monday, September 14, 2015

Who Needs Trouble?

The Mystery within...
I have been wrestling with a financial scare these past few months.  It’s the kind of worry that comes with a sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach and concern for the future.  Through frugal and thoughtful living I have generally felt financially secure—a feeling I now have hope will return.  But there is grace in this current uncertainty.  It comes with a sense of deep empathy for the many who experience the insecurity of inadequate food, shelter, and access to medical care.  I am now aware of deep gratitude for my new knee, relative good health, house and car.  How easy it becomes to take these blessings for granted.  And my mental mettle is being challenged and exercised as I work to solve my problem.  I am also experiencing genuine kindness from others who offered helpful facts and advice.  Sharing their knowledge and concern makes me want to be truly helpful to another someday.  So who needs trouble?  I think we all do to some degree to grow our empathy, realize gratitude for what we have, exercise our brain in working to problem solve, and be a benefactor of genuine kindness. 

At yoga this morning, where I go the stretch and soften my stress, I half seriously asked if we could work on memory.  I was astounded at the eloquent mini lecture our wise instructor gave as we worked to both soften and strengthen our bodies.  He relayed four things we can do to help our memory:

1.  Exercise our large motor muscles—such as in bicycling.  Exercise our fine motor muscles—such as in keyboarding, or playing a musical instrument, or even computer games.  

2.  Mobilize heartfelt love and compassion. 

3.  Have concern and empathy for the other. 

4.  Do deep diaphragmatic breathing to oxygenate our tissues and brain and potentially connect us to our Energy Source.

I’ve had my share of past troubles.  Where I would be without them?

What if we all had a good mix of trouble and help to work through our problems, grow gratitude, empathy and kindness and work on our memory too?

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