Monday, October 26, 2015

An Inside Job

The Mystery within... 

From God Never Hurries:

God is in the sunshine,
God is in the rain.
God is in the wheat field
And in the sky again.

God is in the birds
Who sing to you and me.
God’s also in the puppy that
Plays so gleefully.

God is in the mountains,
God is in the sea.
But best of all, don’t you know
God’s in you and me.

I was privileged to attend a Jean Watson Caring Science Institute conference titled “Weaving a Tapestry of Caritas Through Collaboration and Connection.”  I was privileged to be among people who practice living with grace under pressure.  It all seemed so easy to do when I remembered Divine Love dwells within everything and every one of us; that each and every one of us also has a shadow side, and when I learn to accept my own shadow I can more easily accept the shadow of others.  Remembering I am only a part of the whole is humbling and comforting, and knowing how I respond in the world affects the whole.  I left the conference wanting to overlook much and accept others as they are.  Instilled in me is a true desire to respond from my heart where God and I are one.   

What if we could all want to respond from our heart where God and we are one?