Monday, December 7, 2015

Embracing Diversity

The Mystery within...
Howard Zinn’s brutal detailing of the horrific cruelty to native people, and later to imported black slaves, in “A Peoples History of the United States 1492 to Present,” has made me set the book aside for a while to recover. Learning of this deep darkness can grow empathy and compassion for the wronged that is needed to end derogatory thoughts and assigning inferior status to the other.   Awareness of our country’s shadowy beginnings sheds light on the lingering racism of today.  According to Carl Jung, knowing our own shadow can be pure gold for enacting positive change.  Hopefully, understanding our country’s shadow can grow us all to embrace diversity.

Can we all work on discovering and befriending the unique gifts within different cultures? Can we ask for forgiveness from the wronged?  Can we turn contempt into respect?  Can pity become admiration? Can we learn to replace hatred with love?

We are all connected to everyone and everything.  The healthiest ecosystems in the natural world are the most diverse with symbiotic relationships.  Embracing cultural diversity would improve both humanity and the natural world.

What if we all became gardeners growing diversity?

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