Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Offer It Up?

The Mystery within...
From God Never Hurries:  ‘Offer it up’ was a phrase I was taught early and reverted to throughout my life.  Now I wonder how many times I avoided addressing serious problems with those words?

* * *

Offering it up can be an evasive strategy to not address real problems.  But this weekend, as I walked the narrow winding path in the woods that gives me solace, I was reminded all truth is paradoxical, both/and, and so I did offer up a hurt and disappointment I was having a hard time shaking and it brought me real relief.

And that led me to the question of powerlessness and power, which is being addressed this week in Richard Rohr’s Center for Action and Contemplation’s daily online meditations exploring the spirituality of Bill Wilson’s twelve-step program for alcoholics.  The deep paradoxical truth offered so far is the need to admit our powerlessness before we can realize our own individual power—the spirituality of imperfection—how we learn to love one another and ourselves.     

What if we all pondered the paradoxical nature of offering it up?

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