Monday, June 13, 2016

Let There Be Light

The Mystery within...

Moments of hope and beauty shone through the darkness of Orlando’s mass murders through the voices and words of New York City’s Gay Men’s Chorus performance on “Good Morning America.”  These words were particularly poignant for me:   

“We need some light….

Give me pain if that’s what’s real.
It’s the price we pay to feel.
The price of love is loss, but still we pay, we love anyway…

…There will be light.”

Also, poignant for me was the fact that the station had to cut off the ending of their tribute to get in the last commercial messages before the program signed off the air.  I am old enough to remember TV before deregulation.  TV was much better when regulated.  Government regulation has its place in America where it affects the quality of life for all Americans and especially where it affects the life of all Americans.

What if we asked ourselves if it is now time for a better way to live in America?

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