Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Only Questions

The Mystery within...
Last weeks blog Celebrating? closed with “What if we could all be overwhelmed with the need for restorative justice?”  That was posted before the added tragedy of the shooting deaths of five police officers in Dallas and more injured.  That question seems even more critical now.  Some other “What if…” questions from previous posts also seem appropriate. 

6/9/14 Searching “What if we all embraced the fact that what we have in common is our differences?”

4/7/14 Indigenous Wisdom “What if there were no dominant cultures and we valued others’ gifts?  What if we each thought about the gifts we bring to the universe and what help we need to grow?”

9/2/13 Deep Gratitude "What if we all thought about how intricately we are connected in this web of life and see that equal opportunity and adequate resources for everyone would benefit us all?  What if we each asked to be shown ways to contribute toward that end? 

“What if we each knew we play a part in the answers to overwhelming tragedy?” 

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