Monday, October 17, 2016


The Mystery within...
I found myself really rattled this past week.  It was very unsettling.  Uncomfortable feelings were intense and stuck around for two days.  So I got out my little chart depicting forty-nine faces, each face illustrating a positive or negative emotion, in alphabetical order, beginning with Aggressive and ending in Withdrawn.  I recognized seven negative faces/emotions on that chart that made up my distress and even assigned a percentage to each one—Aggressive 5%; Anxious 15%; Disappointed 10%; Disapproving 25%; Exasperated 10%; Frustrated 15%; Horrified 20%.  Identifying the details of my rattle helped me begin healing my unsettledness.

And then a friend, who just happened by, gifted me with these words, “All relationships are subject to difficulty.” I marveled at the perfect timing of his reminder.  I also recalled a class I took on self-healing where it was said we are in this life to learn and we learn through our discomfort. I saw my ego in my rattle and remembered the comfort I felt when I read in the “Sophia Code” how necessary it is to first forgive and love our self so we can then forgive and have compassion for the other.  And finally I was reminded I do have a still quiet place within where I can go for healing.

“What if we could come to find the gifts in our rattles more often?”

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