Wednesday, December 28, 2016

What Love Isn't

The Mystery within...
Seeing what love isn’t can shed light on what love is.  Looking at my part in what isn’t love can turn me around to be more loving.  Dark times create longing and searching for loves light and peace.  Finding others who sense the darkness and long for light can be comforting.  I found such comfort in Parker Palmer’s honesty in his column titled “Bringing Christmas Down to Earth” where he clearly sees what love isn’t.

Lines from “God Never Hurries,” where I quote Henry Fonda and John Caradine in the movie “Grapes of Wrath” revisited me this past week:

"A very young Henry Fonda and John Caradine said so much to me with these lines:

Henry Fonda:
A fellow ain’t got a soul of his own, just a piece of one big
soul that belongs to everyone. Find out what’s wrong and see if
                                           something can be done about it.

John Caradine:
I’ve got nothing to preach about no more. That’s all. I ain’t
so sure of things. My heart ain’t in it. All that lives is holy."

Growing through darkness is what success is all about that make people and countries great.  Opportunity waits.  Together we need tools to do the work of love.  I reviewed my summary of Krista Tippett’s discussion with Sharon Salzberg and Robert Thurman in my post last week, Evolving Love, and see some tools to repair what love isn’t.  What other tools do you know of to do the work of love?

“What if we searched and shared tools needed for the difficult work of love, more often?” 

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