Monday, January 30, 2017


The Mystery within...
I had a welcome day off from the world and its cares this past Saturday as my “Women Gathering” group of friends got together for a day to retreat and sit in circle.   Prior to gathering we had been given this question to ponder, “How am I willing to hold myself in reverence?”  Several times before our gathering, I would ask myself, “Now what was that question I was suppose to think about?”  Even just remembering the question was hard for me let alone coming up with any answers. 

I remembered past negativity toward me from others but it didn’t feel okay to blame them for my difficulty in reverencing myself.

When sitting in our circle I admitted my frustration with the reverencing question.  After our two skillful facilitators uncovered statements written on a white board, and suggested we pick a statement or statements that spoke to us and write about it, I knew what I forgot to remember.    Every statement (bolded below) spoke to me.  It was as if God were speaking them to me.  I knew what I forgot and remembered how to reverence myself. 

Everything will be okay.  Thank you for reminding me everything will be okay.  Sometimes I forget that your hand always is there to guide me.  Help me remember you are with me and to watch for signals you send from your beautiful creation and everyone in it.

Your connection to me, to Source, never needs to be earned.  I love that I do not need to earn your love.  Help me to be likewise with all others.

You will never be without me.  May I always remember you are with me, but when I do forget, open me to the people, places and things you send to remind me of your Presence.

Inspiration is Divine guidance and will not lead you astray.  May I trust your guidance and know there is always an answer. 

You are never trapped.  If I ever feel trapped, I know you will rescue me. 

You can heal from anything.  I am grateful for all my healing and know you will continue to grow me.

Nothing lasts forever.  No pain lasts forever and all pain can be transformed.

You are creation embodied and if you can imagine it you can create it.  May your creative spirit flow through me.

I always keep my promises.  I love that you will never forget me.

I will not be afraid. 

What if we all helped each other remember how to reverence ourselves more often? 

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