Tuesday, October 31, 2017


The Mystery within...
I had the very good fortune to attend the Himalayan Yoga and Meditation 2017 Annual Silent Retreat.  For three days I was removed from the everyday stuff of life.  During that time of silence I found myself periodically wanting to speak to others in our group.  The requirement for quiet shined a light on my ego. I smiled in gratitude, kept silent, and was led closer to the source of Grace opening me to reflection. 

Our retreat instructor, Dr. Dale Buegel, M.D. said, when the mind is quiet what matters will come forward and brings with it the potential to join with everything.  He said silence has an energetic effect; and when the dance between right and left energies within us (the ha and tha) come together we can experience absolute silence. His wisdom and instruction with gentle yoga stretches, different breathing techniques, and guided meditations relaxed me into healing.  I came to understand what matters from his statement:  “When we come to leave this body our self-development is all we take with us; and self-development is unique to each person.”

Reflecting on my unique self-development needs led me to want to:

Appreciate how hard life can be for others and myself--the pressures and expectations--so I can live with kindness and compassion for myself and all others.    

Love myself, my life, and all who enter into it.  They come to teach me.

Allow myself fulfillment in the simple acts of living—cooking, baking and sharing nourishment.

Love what gets done and what is left undone for another day or another lifetime. 

Moderate my exposure to outside stimuli (news broadcasts and even some public radio) to incorporate more silence in my daily routine. 

Pause and ask, “Am I on the right path to fulfilling my heart’s desire?”   

Forget the guilt for taking bike rides and long walks.  Do them  more often.

Don’t let negative energy stick.     

Let patience and gentleness be my strength.

Be content with where I am and know that all is good.

My three-day exposure to an Eastern tradition I was not raised in led me to understand there are many paths all leading to the same Energy, Source, Light and Grace. I was also aware of differences in the male and female approach to the Divine.  Integrating the two haunt the edges of my experience and may be the work of another lifetime. 

What if we remembered there are many paths  to the same Energy, Source, Light and Grace more often?  

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