Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Hard to Love

The Mystery within...
It is hard to love the hard to love.  It’s hard to:

            Go high when the other goes low.

            Be patient in the face of oppression.

            Respond to violence with loving compassion.

            Be of generous spirit wanting good for the other.

            Not shame, blame, or impose guilt when wronged.

            Be forgiving of self and all others.

The blessings in loving the hard to love:

     I can't go wrong with sheer compassion toward the other, and myself, trusting in its hopeful forbearance.  

     My heart opens to a bigger reality of the Divine Mystery within.

     My ego shrinks and a path opens to self-transformation.  

     The important and unimportant things in life become obvious.

     Advocating for sharing, tolerance and respect become no brainers.

     I can grow as a peacemaker.  

What if the hard to love, and our own faults, are gifts to teach us how to love? 

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