Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh Happy Fault

God is...
I dedicated my memoir, “God Never Hurries,” to my crone friend, Rosemary.  Humility graced her.  She taught me how freeing it can be to admit to being wrong.  Sometimes she would say, “This is what I know and believe today, but ask me tomorrow and I may know it a different way.”  Rosemary learned to say those words after reversing a previous belief that she had come to regret.  From that day forward she left the door open on the tenets she held.

Thinking of being wrong led me to recall a quote from Jim Crace’s novel Quarantine:  “…for everything that God has made is weak, blemished and imperfect by design.”  What if our mistakes are designed learning opportunities and that’s what God had in mind when we were gifted with free will?  Shame, blame and guilt would have to take a back seat to learning a whole host of worthwhile things, not the least of which is humility.  What if it is our mistakes that evolve us into more wise, kind, tolerant and humble beings?

May God bless us through our mistakes.

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