Monday, April 15, 2013

Praise It!

God is...
I heard that Alex Haley, the author of “Roots” once said, “Find the good and praise it.”  His words took me back to a church reform conference I had attended in Detroit.  Years later I briefly summarized the high points of that conference for me in one paragraph in my memoir, God Never Hurries as follows:

…We were asked to presume everyone’s fallibility; accept the premise that we can all be wrong; work for global standards for basic human rights and responsibilities; let justice reign to support economic order; respect all of life; live tolerantly and truthfully with an equal share of rights among men and women; understand holiness as compassion and inclusivity—embracing the marginalized as Jesus did; share our unique piece of wisdom according to our life, and then let it go to blend into a bigger whole; God’s living word is in our life’s stories—tell them and write them down.

That’s quite a to do list.  If you read that paragraph again you might be amazed to see that most tasks can be individually accomplished.  What if we all did our individual part, and where we can’t get the job done ourselves, support those who can.  I trust eventually we would have much to praise.

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