Monday, June 10, 2013

Deeply Connected

God is...
Have you ever felt deeply connected to someone or something and experienced a kinship and empowerment through that connection?  I think those are the times we can become aware of the God energy flowing through us.  And even though that energy is always within, it seems awareness of it comes easiest in either times of great sorrow or great joy. 

When I struggled mightily with my aging parents’ care needs I felt that kinship and empowerment in the natural world, and sometimes from others.  It is that God energy, and the learning that came from it, that I share in God Never Hurries.  I wrote … It was a time of heightened consciousness and vivid dreams.  I awoke one morning with words floating in my head.  I did not remember a specific dream, but there were these words that wanted to be put together.  I reached for my bedside pencil and paper, and here’s how they became arranged: 

God is in the sunshine,
God is in the rain.
God is in the wheat field
And in the sky again.

God is in the birds
Who sing to you and me.
God’s also in the puppy that
Plays so gleefully.

God is in the mountains,
God is in the sea.
But best of all, don’t you know
God’s in you and me.

What if we really looked everyday for this mysterious God living in all people and all things?

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