Monday, September 9, 2013

Learn, Know, Master

God is...

Attached to the strings of my Yogi tea bags are brief fortunes.  I look forward to reading each one upon opening a bag.  One of my favorite ones says:  To learn, read.  To know, write.  To master, teach.”  Over the years I have grown to understand the implications of each action. 

In my search for truth, when struggling with my father for my mother’s care as she descended into Alzheimer’s disease, I read many books on spirituality, psychology, and self-help.  The most important learning from all that reading was that I was worthy of a voice, good self-care, and I came to understand the importance of true forgiveness.  My writing during that difficult time focused me in the present.  There I came to know that each moment had something to teach me about overcoming my troubles. 

This past week as I was preparing to present my memoir, God Never Hurries, to a large group at Cedar Ridge Apartments for Independent Living, I understood to master challenges me to teach others what my reading and writing did for me.  Working to synthesize 175 pages of learning and knowing into a coherent forty-minute presentation has its challenges, but then all mastery is challenging.

What if we each challenged ourselves to share the different things that difficulty taught us for the good of all?

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