Monday, February 23, 2015

Taming Terrorists

The Mystery within...
The reign of terror in our world today, whether homegrown or abroad, has been on my mind of late along with many questions such as what forms a terrorist?  What part does society, of which I am a part, contribute to terrorism?  And what part do I have in the formation of a peaceful world?  My questioning sprung from this quote from Marriane Williamson’s book, “EverydayGrace,” …”only love has the power to dismantle hate from which terrorism emerges.”  Williamson also writes that the next step in our evolutionary process will be learning how to love our enemies.  She suggests, “Think of the news as humanity’s prayer list.”    

I would like to know if there are specific studies today that seek to understand what leads people into terrorism.  Could the media then include such conjecture along with their reporting of the horrific details of torture, murder and destruction?  What turns an ego, in either a terrorist or anyone of us, into an infallible, “I am right and you are wrong” dogmatic believer?  Since I had been denied a voice throughout much of my life, I truly believe in freedom of speech.  But I don’t believe freedom of speech gives me, or anyone else, the right to poke a stick at a damaged ego.

As individuals, and as a society, what do we need to do in order to love our enemies?  Williamson writes:  “When we allow ourselves to feel the fear and sadness that lie behind our anger, our judgments undergo an extraordinary transformation and our fury turns into compassion.” 

What if in taming ourselves we also tame terrorists?

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