Monday, March 14, 2016

Grow in Grace and Wisdom

The Mystery within...
Growing in grace and wisdom is a very good thing, but not at all easy. 

"Darkness, mistakes, and trials are the supreme teachers. Success really teaches you nothing; it just feels good."  From Richard Rohr's Center for Action and Contemplation daily meditation February 23, 2016, Order, Disorder, Reorder 

I have experienced serious growing pains throughout my life.  Those learning opportunities have led me to know the first step toward growth is to accept whatever is; search and discern new paths, and finally, trust good will eventually come from my struggles.  My October 7, 2013 blog post, Recycling Pain was a good review for me in the slow, difficult, but very worthwhile steps toward growth. 

As a woman, I have come to know that this mysterious God, who somehow lives in each and everyone of us, loves us and is there for solace and guidance.  I understand spirituality as a profound sense of belonging to one another and the earth.  I do not believe spirituality is a fiduciary relationship I hand over to others, although my interaction with others is integral to growing in grace and wisdom.  The darkness of patriarchy was truly a supreme teacher for me and the natural world became my solace.

What if we could always trust darkness, mistakes, and trials to grow us?

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