Monday, March 21, 2016

Share Your Beliefs

The Mystery within...
I was exposed to some good diversity training in my former work life with the USDA Forest Service as managers worked to comply with Civil Rights Acts of the 1960s.  In addition to adding and advancing minorities and females in the workforce, the Forest Service was also coming to terms with the importance of biological diversity in natural resource management.  Just as biological diversity is the hallmark of a healthy ecosystem, a symbiotic relationship among diverse people can create a vibrant workforce.  I believe the same holds true for spiritual growth since I understand spirituality as a profound sense of belonging to one another and the earth. 

In "God Never Hurries I wrote:" I continue my spiritual journey ecumenically seeking truth from a variety of formal belief systems and non-religious sources. I enjoy Native American ceremony and teachings; and attendance at a local nature center that offers a wide variety of presenters, with discussion, under the broad title, “The Spiritual World of Nature.” I partake in a monthly ecumenical Christian service, and a catholic discussion group called Wisdom Seekers led by a spiritually in touch priest. I’ve learned to pray with my body through Yoga. I’ve done classes and retreats presenting Buddhism and Hindu beliefs, and have enjoyed group Kirtan sing fests. I’m in two book clubs and delight in finding the spiritual through many different authors’ creativity. And I just continue to look for and find God everywhere.

I gratefully accepted the loan of a PBS video titled "Beyond Our Differences" featuring prominent spiritual leaders from around the world.  For me the video highlights were:  roots of good religion are sourced in love, compassion and tolerance--quests for certainty are dangerous; there are different approaches to the same goal—to create good human beings; everybody and every thing is forgivable; God is found in the heart and where people come together; surrendering to anger and hatred is violence against yourself; non-violence creates spiritual healing; we are to help people understand each other; authentic spirituality is working with the excluded and abandoned; all is sacred; inalienable rights belong to everyone and everything; surrendering to the Mystery will reveal your purpose; it is most important to be brave; a recipe for peace is for everyone to contribute a small part; when you become peaceful your life is different; appreciate and celebrate diversity; share each others gifts.   

What if we all shared our beliefs while honoring everyone and everything's inalienable rights?

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