Monday, November 21, 2016

Evolutionary Hopefulness

The Mystery within...
I found some hope for my two previous posts Election Eve Thoughts and Post Election Thoughts on the evolutionary trajectory America appears to be on with president elect Trump. Michael Dowd, an evolutionary evangelist, gave me that hope after watching his UTube presentation titled “Evolutionary Gratitude for Challenging Times” (post election). 

Dowd’s first premise for evolutionary change is decline is divine because the chaos it creates catalyzes creativity.  Adapting to what’s real is forced through breakdowns and bad news.  Self-interest’s destructiveness is highlighted and then real change can follow. I find hope in that even though it requires a long view. 

Dowd’s second premise is we need mythical interpretations for everything to highlight we are one with the earth and all creation.  What we do to and for the earth and others we also do to ourselves.

Dowd’s third premise is we each need to know we leave a legacy.  We cannot predict our individual impacts on the future but each of us does impact the future through both our positive and negative actions and both can eventually lead to good.

Decline, chaos and my search for answers in the mythical natural world is my personal creation story in “God Never Hurries.” It tells of the messy difficult business of finding and learning to use my voice.  It is a testimony to both positive and negative actions eventually leading to good.

What if we all saw hope in decline and chaos more often?

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