Monday, November 14, 2016

Post Election Thoughts

The Mystery within...
Profound disappointment and real concern for the future shook me when learning who America’s next president will be.  I took those feelings to my yoga class where we sometimes bring troubling events for brief discussion and meditation.  I left class embracing our instructor’s suggestion that the best thing I can do is work on being the best person I can be.  It was comforting to realize I am in control of how I react to the election’s result.  And I already had some direction to draw on from David Sloan Wilson’s survey questions in my November 7 blog Election EveThoughts that helped me generate the following guidance: 

Resolve conflicts without hurting anyone.
Be sensitive to the needs and feelings of others.
Develop empathy and respect for the other.
Tell the truth even when its not easy.
Serve others in the community.
Help solve social problems.
Make decisions on behalf of the common good.
Strive for consensus.

The above list truly challenges my emotional vulnerability and my courage.  It highlights what it really takes to love one another, which is the work of a lifetime.

What if all disappointment and concern for the future showed us how to truly love one another?    

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