Monday, February 20, 2017


The Mystery within...
I’m flawed; we are all flawed in some way.  Episcopal priest Father Michael K. Marsh wrote a thank you note to president Trump for being a mirror for him to take a closer look at his own dark side.  He suggests Trump can be a mirror for us all to know our own darkness.  The following link will take you to Uplift and the thank you note March wrote to president Trump. 

I felt my darkness this past weekend as I greeted my very zealous Trump supporting neighbor.  Just seeing her and hearing her speak gave me a tight sensation in my chest.  My heart felt constricted, vengeful and cold.  It was a very unpleasant feeling that scared me and it let me know that violence is our common enemy and has its roots in fear.  I am grateful our meeting was brief.   

Feeling those roots of violence in my heart left me with wanting to do anything I can to keep them from sprouting.  Marsh suggests, “We must choose our own peace leaders to inspire us on our journey forward.”  Leaders like Dorothy Day, Mahatma Gandhi and Martin Luther King who can disarm and inform my heart.  I do not want a passive heart but rather one that seeks justice and good through love.

I want to take to heart other uplifting suggestions Marsh’s gratitude link gave me:  

-  1.  Speak one word today that will give a fearful person courage.                   
-  2.  Never repeat stories and rumors that spread fear;
-  3.  Make eye contact with people who I normally ignore;
-  4.  Give someone an unexpected smile;
-  5.  Listen to news items with common sense.

Marsh relates gratitude and common sense to a cosmic intelligence—a sense of belonging to the common concerns of all, which he adds would include Muslims, immigrants, refugees, women, the disabled and Mexicans.  I was left questioning, “How do I relate my zealous neighbor and Mr. Trump with cosmic intelligence?”  It led me to reread “Known” by Reverend Dr. Charles K. Robinson that is found in my Comfort Messages section of my website under my title of Learning Forgiveness. 

What if we, with all our flaws, knew the unconditional embrace of love more often?

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