Wednesday, March 29, 2017


The Mystery within...
Leo Tolstoy:  “One of the first conditions of happiness is that the link between man [please read men, women and children] and Nature shall not be broken.”

I know how essential my link to nature is for my own well-being and happiness.  I understand how privileged I am to be able to daily walk, aware of the earth beneath my boots, through the seasons and in most all weather.  Somehow my gratitude for this gift connects me to the Mystery for which there are no adequate words.  My prayer is for all to feel the joy from this connection.

My knowing of the symbiotic relationship with nature makes it scary to hear plans to roll back the long overdue and hard fought laws and regulations protecting our land, water and air in the name of self-serving economies and obsolete jobs.  I pray the fear of returning to rivers that catch fire, increasing toxic waste levels in our air and water, and further depletion and contamination of the soils that grow our food, will instill courage in me and you to say emphatically, “No this cannot be!”

I’ve lived through personal fear and threats, found courage and my voice, and ultimately came to know peace through forgiveness.  It was a difficult, exhausting, but ultimately rewarding personal journey.  Together we can now voice our rejection to this renewed threat to our world and well-being, continue to repair the link between Nature and us, and ultimately learn to live in peace through forgiveness.

What if we all prayed to know our part in repairing the link between Nature and us and ultimately come to realize peace through forgiveness?

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