Tuesday, March 7, 2017


The Mystery within...
Padraig O. Tuama, poet, theologian, writer and healer of fractures in human relations was a Krista Tippet On Being guest.  He touched me with his love of simple language for effective communication, and most especially his morning prayer where he simply says “hello” to what is in his life as each new day begins.  And even more poignant, throughout his day he says, “hello,” to whoever or whatever new shows up, whether a welcome arrival or not. 

I loved the purity of Tuama’s daily greetings.  I understand how practicing “hello” would keep me in the present moment and help me be more accepting of all that shows up in my day.  I know from past experiences there is grace in accepting whatever is and it is that acceptance which leads me to learn from whoever or whatever shows up in my day.

What if we could “hello” ourselves into accepting the present moment more often?

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