Wednesday, April 19, 2017

The Ultimate Challenge

The Mystery within...
The following message was attached to the end of my Yogi tea bag’s string:  “It is not talking of love, but living in love that is everything.”  Easier said than done.  Talk is cheap.  Living in love is where the rubber meets the road and the going can get tough.        

For me, loves transforming power is realized by acknowledging my own weaknesses, and accepting the weakness of others.  It is the ultimate challenge I am asked to rise to everyday. 

Jim Crace, in his novel, “Quarantine,” writes, “…for everything that God has made is weak, blemished and imperfect by design.”  It’s so easy to realize my neighbor’s faults before my own.  But when I accept my fallibility first, humility and mercy flow and a door opens for a reciprocal return of love from others. 

A line from Reverend Dr. Charles K. Robinson’s poem “Known” reads, “I accept you as you are.”  If we grow to utter those words to ourselves, and one another, we become medicine for each other so that we can achieve the ultimate challenge of living in love. 

What if we became aware of love’s reciprocal nature more often?       

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