Sunday, July 23, 2017


The Mystery within...
Loneliness is almost never an issue for me.  I am guessing that’s because it is really hard for me to find time to do what I want to do like writing another book.  Keeping up the house, yard, and myself, and being on-call for others can be all time and energy consuming.  But I did feel lonely last night and felt its value.

I decided to forego a weekend trip up north with my daughter and son’s family and just stay home alone with my yellow lab Oliver, and daughter’s cat Zu Zu, and the tick tock of my grandfather clock.  But as the day progressed and my writing didn’t I began second guessing my decision.  By evening I was feeling lonely and wondered where the lesson is in that feeling.

So I took a bike ride at dusk, my favorite time of day.  All the chaotic dysfunction I was missing out on became apparent as I rode in the quiet near evening.  I valued that revelation and am hoping I can embrace more of the chaotic dysfunction when they all return.

What if we could experience the value in loneliness more often?


  1. For me the value of loneliness is being comfortable being alone, being a friend to yourself, enjoying your own company. Maybe in order to get there we have to go through some loneliness.

  2. Thanks jazzminey for expanding the value of loneliness. Becoming our own best friend sounds terrific!