Tuesday, July 4, 2017


The Mystery within...
Watching parades makes me want to cry good tears.  I’m not exactly sure why.  Part of the reason must be watching young and old proudly display what they give themselves to in life, be it in service to country, fire fighting, entertaining others, dog rescues, historic preservation in autos and agricultural, and service to youth and families. 

I left this year’s 4th of July parade with real regret.  Regret that I did not take up the invitation on a small groups’ sign to join them as they marched for “Democrats for Wisconsin.”  I clapped and yelled, “Hooray! for Democrats for Wisconsin!”  My feet and body wanted to join them.  But my head said I can’t leave my lawn chair and when my son returns from helping my granddaughter, who was waiting in the line up to proudly parade on a horse, he won’t know where I went.  So regrettably I stayed.  I later realized that this grandma does have a cell phone and needs to remember to use it.  I was at the very start of the parade route and am hoping many others did accept Democrats’ for Wisconsin invitation to march with them.

Service to others, over self-interest, is easy to spot in a parade and in those who watch it.

What if our minds, hands, feet and whole body, marched in service to others more often?

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