Monday, November 11, 2019


The Mystery within...

Wednesday, November 6, 2019

Really tired tonight. Medical appointments and shoveling snow claimed my energy. I am grateful for my easy access to medical care and my car that got me to my appointments and back home. Wishing all of humanity had easy access to medical care and a home to come back to.

Friday, November 8, 2019

Oliver went to the vet Thursday. Major change looms in our lives. The fluid drained from his back leg is being analyzed. No more walks for a while and maybe the end of rough housing with my son’s dog, Moxy. It was an expensive visit along with weight loss prescription dog food that was ordered. Hardest of all will be no woods walks for two weeks. It is the highlight of our day for both of us.

I never took our daily walk among the trees for granted. But now there is deep longing for our treks across the wooden bridge with the river’s movement beneath us; and the breeze or wind, or stillness among the tall maples, beech and oaks who greet us; the intoxicating freshness of air that heals us in body, mind and soul--this absence in our life now deeply grieves us.

Monday, November 11, 2019

After publishing Both/and Things—The Power in Reflection I thought returning to written reflections on the significance in each of my days would be a good and easy way to stay connected with Spirit, and you who read my posts. And it is—when I do it. When I skip a day or days because I am exhausted as I climb into bed, and doubt I would have anything worthwhile to reflect on, I feel like I am failing you, my readers and myself. I think there is something amiss in my thinking.

Whether or not I feel connected isn’t the point because we are intricately intertwined with everyone and everything in life. And everyday, no matter how mundane it may appear, holds significance for you and me and waits to be discovered in reflection. 

I remember Thursday when driving to Yoga I was listening to an NPR piece on the two men who created Netflix. What stood out for me in that discussion was how these co-founders were complete opposites in personality and how each approached life and problem solving differently. Enhanced creativity was said to be the result of accepting and working with their differences. Thursday night, after Oliver’s vet visit, I was too wrung out and tired to reflect and write about that.

And last night, after spending the entire day preparing my son Mike’s birthday dinner, I was numb tired and didn’t write, but grateful for the time and food we shared celebrating him, and the leftovers I ate tonight.

I go to sleep this night conflicted because of the appearance of ants on my kitchen counter and in the leftover blueberry pie. I put out ant poison tonight even though we are connected.  

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