Sunday, August 16, 2015

A Sufi Asks

The Mystery within...
An old Sufi saying asks:

 “Are you able to stay still long enough to allow the mud that swirls around you to settle so that you can see clearly?” 

What a powerful visual metaphor that is for mindfulness and reflection.  In my mind’s eye I picture a glass jar of water with dirt dumped in, stir it or shake it, and the water becomes very cloudy.  But let that jar sit still for a while and the water clears as the dirt eventually settles to the bottom.

I was once very stirred and shaken by my mother’s Alzheimer’s and both of my parents’ care needs.  I doubt I would have survived that time without immersing myself in the natural world, sitting with my pain every night, and reflecting and writing about those joys and sorrows for three years.  Those daily reflections and writings eventually became my story in "God Never Hurries."     

Life is easier, more even now.  But everyday living can still bring occasions of dirt dumping.  I know I could see so much clearer if I returned to daily reflection and writing and got myself outside more in God’s beauty.

What if we all became still long enough to see more clearly?

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