Monday, August 3, 2015


The Mystery within...
Dear Sister Simone Campbell,

I just finished reading, “A Nun on a Bus,” and thank you for writing it.  It gave me deeper insight into the critically important work you and your fellow sisters do.  I thank you for sticking with your faith and community, and getting your law degree that is serving so many in need.  I also want you to know how much I enjoyed, and continue to appreciate your poem, “Ode to an Unmade Bed.”  Whenever I walk into my bedroom now, with the bed unmade, I no longer feel inadequate.  I write a weekly blog,, which has a section called Comfort Messages where I would like to include that poem, with your permission.

When I read about your advocacy for needed immigration reform I wondered if you ever heard Garrison Keillor sing, “Tired Old World.”  My November 24, 2014 blog titled “Immigration Thoughts” has a link to Keillor singing this plaintiff song of deep truth.  Maybe you and the Holy Spirit could find a use for it.  And I did listen, with keen interest, when you stated during your OnBeing interview with Krista Tippet, that the excessive compensation and bonuses paid to corporate heads is how they feel recognized for what they do.  What if we could find a way to bestow recognition for what they could do for workers and our human community with fair wages and benefits?  When nuns on the bus was touring, I wrote down what I heard you say on a news broadcast one night, “We are all better off when we all share.”  I keep it next to my computer for comfort.         

Reading, “A Nun on a Bus,” gave me a way out of a dilemma I struggle with.  I stopped reading and responding to all political e-mail messages, and requests for money, for it got overwhelming for me.  But Russ Feingold sent me a snail mail request.  He is a good man who advocates for fairness for people and the environment, and previously worked on campaign finance reform.  We very much need him back in Washington as Wisconsin’s senator.  I want to support him, but in lieu of sending money to him, I want to send NETWORK my money for I believe you, the Holy Spirit, and your fellow sisters, will find a way to put in a good word for him in the right places.  If he only knew the potential good that will come of this, he would thank me.

In gratitude,

Marcia Kaminski

What if we all knew we are all better off when we all share?    

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