Monday, August 31, 2015


The Mystery within...
Krista Tippet’s 2011 On Being rebroadcast shared the wisdom of centenarian Grace Lee Boggs – A Century in the World.  Boggs spoke of life as being about creating opportunities from darkness.  At the time of her interview she was creating community in Detroit’s beleaguered motor city by helping revive neighborhoods through community vegetable gardens on vacant lots.  She noted creating solutions to everyday problems creates movements.  She said our need is to rediscover who we are as human beings and to make one another more important than economics.  To do that we sometimes need to lose what we have been taught and learn instinctively.  There seems to be no shortage of opportunities to relearn or become part of a movement to bring more wisdom to our country and its politics. 

I personally came to know the power in losing what I was taught when landscapes called me into the natural world.  There I instinctively became aware I was worthy of good self-care as I struggled with my aging parents’ needs.  And there were others who helped me know my worth as a human being over economic considerations.  Those are some of my learning opportunities told in God Never Hurries.

What if we could find opportunities in darkness, question what we have been taught, and know everyone is more important than economics?

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