Monday, April 25, 2016

A Writer's Duty

The Mystery within...
A National Public Radio program guest caught my ear on a “To the Best of Our Knowledge” broadcast titled "Depolarize Now!"   Elif Shafak, a Turkish writer, was one of four guests speaking on depolarizing.  Shafak highlighted the value of story telling in exposing people to the differences of others non-judgmentally, thereby helping to bring different people together.  She said it is a writer’s duty to ask questions but not provide answers.  It is up to our readers to answer the questions for themselves and ultimately lead each one of us to ask uncomfortable questions of ourselves.  She spoke of a cultural evolution in progress that invites us to empathy and understanding of the other.

The broadcast got me excited about a project I want to start soon--to list all the “What if…” questions that end each God Never Hurries post for the last three years by title and subject matter.  I then want to weave these posts together to create more questions we can ask ourselves that will bring us to more empathy, understanding and compassion for the other. 

What if we all learned how to ask uncomfortable questions of ourselves?

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