Monday, April 4, 2016

Snippets of Wisdom

The Mystery within...
I have a friend who is active in the Black Lives Matter movement who also helps me navigate the world of electronics.  I envied the training she recently attended for her social justice work.  So each time we've met since, I've asked her to share one snippet from her social justice training.

- Stay spiritually nourished was the first snippet.

- Practice good self-care was the second.

- Look for beauty in the world was the third.

Then this past Saturday I attended a mini workshop with Marianne Helm, "Two Perspectives on One Life Lived," presented through stories aimed at making us wise.  Each story was told twice around one set of facts.  The first telling had the protagonist react positively to the given facts; then it was retold but had the protagonist reacting negatively to the same facts.  The positive or negative energy generated from the two versions of each story was astounding.  To reinforce this in our own lives we wrote our own positive and negative reaction story to facts in our previous day.  I left the workshop with a deep knowing that my attitude creates my reality and also has a ripple effect on others.  Even if bad things happen, when I take a closer look, something good can come out of everything. True happiness is within my control for it originates in my mind and heart.

And today as I sat in a waiting room there was a free publication titled "natural awakenings" on a small table next to my elbow.  "Wise words" caught my eye and when I picked it up and turned to the page indicated I found "Bruce Lipton on the Epigenetics Revolution—Our Beliefs Reprogram Our Genetic Destiny" written by Linda Sechrist.  Lipton, a stem cell biologist, is an internationally recognized leader in bridging science and spirit.  Epigenetics (epi meaning above) is a revolution in our knowledge and awareness of heredity.  A few astounding snippets from Sechrist's article:

- Changing our lifestyle, beliefs and perceptions also changes our genetic expression.

- Our perceptions and the way we live, including our spiritual nature, adjusts our genes to manifest either a functional or dysfunctional state of health.

- As more of us hold the intention for living a life of love and peace, the broadcast of that harmonic energy amplifies and those not yet there will eventually entrain to the stronger signal.  This is the shift we need to make for conscious evolution to occur.

- We can't die because our real identity is represented by the invisible environment-derived broadcast, which might be referred to as spirit. 

All of the above reminds me of my November 23, 2015 post Reflecting on Instability and the priest, paleontologist and mystic Teilhard de Chardin.

What if science shows us changing our own individual actions can save the world?


  1. Hey, Marcia, thanks for writing a post so filled with hope. This post spoke to my very soul.

  2. Thanks, jazzminey. Knowing that these words connect with you connects us to something beyond ourselves. Marcia

    1. Thanks, those were the words I was searching for.