Thursday, April 21, 2016

Goodness Within

The Mystery within...
During times of extreme stress or difficulty I have occasionally experienced a Caring Presence within--separate from myself—but yet a part of me.  Recently I have experienced something similar that I would call a brief invitation to a good cry.  It was fleeting but a comfort to know a good cry is within if I need it.

In a more distant past I am now recalling when the Goodness Within brought life giving acceptance and forgiveness of another when I felt overwhelmed with rejection.  I was having a hard time just functioning so I sat down and did some deep diaphragmatic breathing while saying a prayer I adapted from a former yoga class.

Lord, keep me protected.
Nourish and guide me in my life.
May I help create vitality among one another.
May there be no enmity among us.

When I got to the line, "May there be no enmity among us," my overwhelming feeling of rejection was replaced with a blessed sense of acceptance and forgiveness of the other.  It was a life changing moment that became a catalyst for changes I needed to make in how I lived my life.  Those changes allowed me to tell the tale of other life changing encounters with the Goodness Within in "God Never Hurries." 

From "God Never Hurries:"

"Be not afraid."

"Justice will be kind it will be done over a period of time."

"I hold your hand and all of you, know that we are one."

"Your father will forgive you."

What if we all trusted the Goodness Within to guide us through life changing encounters? 


  1. I like your adapted yoga prayer. I just may use it. I have found the same shift within me to acceptance and understanding when I felt rejected after I spent some time working it through. I believe I had the same guidance from the goodness within which I call my higher self who I subsequently named "Tammy" during a women's weekend. I can always trust Tammy to tell me true. :)

  2. Thanks, jazzminey, for sharing your understanding of your higher self. The sharing of experiences helps grow us all.