Monday, April 11, 2016

No Control

The Mystery within...
Serious illness has recently revisited those I care most about and reminded me that I really have no control over what happens to another.  Accepting that fact has taken some of the edge off my angst.  I can pray for the return of health, make chicken soup, be available to help, and offer suggestions.  But I really have no control in the outcome.  Acceptance of that fact feels like grace.

I was grateful for my rain gear and rubber boots as my yellow lab Oliver and I took a break to walk to the woods in a gentle rain.  There, bright green moss covering some rocks is the first color to return to end winter's subdued landscape.  Upon closer inspection, tiny green shoots of new life are beginning to poke through the brown wet carpet of last year's leaves.   And I felt graced again when I realized that this simple pleasure is all I really need in my life to feel complete.

What if relinquishing all control is the way to peace?


  1. Indeed, I think that is a profound truth, "relinquishing control is the way to peace". I need to come back again and again to this, the letting go of control. When I do, I feel peace and ease wash over me.

  2. We can both rejoice in our mutual discoveries of the Mystery within leading us.

  3. True, true. You are certinly a very wise woman. Hey,how come my comments come up twice. I only hit publish once.